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... We aim to grow the profits of our pig growing clients,
by reducing their feed costs and increasing their stock performance...

This we achieve by
assisting our pig farming customers to become more successful, in profitability terms, by formulating and applying cost effective dietary feeding regimes. To achieve this we offer access to current research and diet formulation techniques gained in more than 40 years experience in the industry.

Like other commodities, animal feed prices are in a constant state of flux. To some farmers, this can be a disadvantage, but to others, those with access to the right tools, these variations can be turned to real and measurable advantage by applying more cost effective reformulation of feeding regimes. Many suppliers now offer "optimisation" tools to generate least cost formulations for stock feeding regimes; - we should know, we pioneered this 40 years ago. Much more important and where real expertise lies, is in the interpretation of the optimised results to achieve further savings still. This might be by introducing supplements or other nutrients not considered in one-off optimisation studies. Just as prices are dynamic so too must feeding regimes reflect those changing prices. Constant vigilance is needed but our considerable experience with our customers shows that that effort is well rewarded.

Where additional animal feed supplements are indicated by our analysis we explain the implications in discussion with you. These feed supplements too, we are able to supply, if this is required.

Our customized ready mixes address this issues providing animal feeds matched to your breeds, their life cycle stage, and to your own commercial objectives, particularly with a view to your target markets.

We do offer our feed formulation expertise on a case by case basis as a paid consultancy contract, however, our preferred arrangement is to offer it as a free service as part of an ongoing relationship to supply feeds and supplements.

More information is available to those who register with us; and more still is available to our clents, customised to their particular requirements.
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